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 What is BRTuk?

BRTuk is a voice for change. Ebob tebbncouraging the application of Bus Rapid Transit initiatives in appropriate contexts across the country.

BRTuk is inclusive with members from across the entire industry including operators, promoters, manufacturers and consultants all with an interest in BRT.

BRTuk is an information hub. We collect data and carry out research on all aspects of BRT and to disseminate it down to those that need it, the decision makers. We research how BRT can deliver economic growth and improve our environment.

BRTuk engages with all levels of government, advising on regulatory, legal and financial matters.

BRTuk delivers events including technical visits and an annual conference. These events encourage networking and the sharing of ideas.

BRTuk believes that BRT offers a fantastic opportunity for towns and cities across the UK, helping them develop sustainably.

Take a wander around our website, find out more, become a member and join the movement.

Bob Tebb, BRTuk Chair


2014 Conference Review 

Well, it’s been another year and, I’m proud to say, yet another successful annual conference for BRTuk. Held in Edinburgh the conference provided a focus on the good work currently being undertaken by the likes of Strathclyde Passenger Transport, Transport Scotland and SESTran in the development and implementation of BRT. With a Scottish focus came valued support and sponsorship from Transport Scotland, for which we would like to thank them.

The tone of the conference was set by an introduction from the Chair of SESTran and Midlothian’s Councillor Russell Imrie who explained the need for clever cost-effective transport which links communities, providing opportunities for all. He endorsed Bus Rapid Transit as a key component in successfully addressing the transport challenges faced in the region. Read More